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VIDEOSYNTHESIS  Onto (and through) a screen formed by rain forests’ endemic vegetation, better known as “old man’s beard” (Tillandsias usneoides), faces of our ancestral and yet contemporary native “Brazilians” were projected.  As portrayed by international documentaries- within the western colonial fiction of  “Brazilian territory”- the countenances, traces and body paintings of our indigenous people return symbiotically to the realm of nature as pure light energy permeating the veins of the plant. Urucum red skins, being red one of the colors that best provide photosynthesis through artificial light.  Tilandsias are a kind of vegetation that’s spread spontaneously over trees and street furniture of many Brazilian cities, performing resistance as they try to reconnect distant forest areas through these urban “gaps”. The green “screen” can absorb the artificial light at night, also doing photosynthesis, as well as providing texture, relief, support and life to the projected figures.

by Bromelio/ Bruno Rezende and Moana Mayall

Imagina Rio/ Plataforma Vide Urbe
at EAV/ School of Visual Arts of Parque Lage, Rio, 2012